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Fabrizio politi

Cristina Del Basso millionaire boyfriend Fabrizio Politi

29 March, 2020
A few days ago the Italian magazine Chi reported that former Italian Big bother housemate Cristina Del Basso was seeing Fabrizio Politi, a yacht-company owner, famous for his affairs with young and sexy showgirls working on Italian television. Now, after…

Geri Halliwell breaks up with Italian boyfriend, Fabrizio Politi

25 March, 2020
More gossip from Italy, or Italian gossip, comes with the fact that Geri Halliwell, former spice girls singer Ginger Spice, has dumped her Italian boyfriend Fabrizio Politi. The couple have been together since January, so we can hardly expect boredom…

Cristina Del Basso reveals love life with Fabrizio Politi

15 March, 2020
Cristina del Basso, current Italian showgirl and former Big Brother housemate, has revealed in an interview some aspects of her love life with Italian entrepreneur and former boyfriend of Geri Halliwell, Fabrizio Politi. Cristina says:“When being intimate, I call my…