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Guinness world record

Skiing Behind a Motorcycle (w/video)

23 April, 2020
Watch what Gary Rothwell can do behind his specially prepared Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R. The English stunt rider wearing custom boots with 2mm titanium slider soles hit the speed of 251,54 km/h to break another of those strange Guinness World…

Video: Guinness World record for fastest motorcycle hearse

4 April, 2020
When I first read the headline I thought that crazy inventor Colin Furze was up to his old tricks again, instead this time it’s a real life Baptist reverend who set the Guinness World Record for the fastest motorcycle hearse.The…

Video of Colin Furze's 72ft scooter in action

29 March, 2020
Earlier this month we reported that Colin Furze had attempted another Guinness World record by building and riding the longest motorbike, 72ft or 22mt whichever you prefer, because now it’s official as this nutty, but genial inventor has got the…