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Sportcity one

2010 Scooters: Aprilia Sportcity One video

20 April, 2020
We looked at the Aprilia Sportcity One scooter as part of our ongoing scooter a day series, and here is the video for you to have a closer look. The 2010 model retains the same compact sports style of the…

Aprilia Sportcity One: the low-down

11 April, 2020
As we’ve done the profile on the Aprilia’s new Sportcity Cube 300, we thought we’d give you the details on the other new model, the Sportcity One. Below you can check out the technical and stylistic elements of this scooter,…

New Aprilia Sportcity One scooter

29 March, 2020
Aprilia has really worked on bringing up its family of models, and we can see an interesting evolution in the Aprilia scooter segment, with the latest addition, the Sportcity One 50 2T, showing a trend towards smaller rather than larger…