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Strange but true

Huge pillow fight takes place in Milan's Duomo square

13 April, 2020
If you were in Milan’s centre yesterday, any ideas you had about nutter Italians would have been confirmed on encountering a massive pillow fight. Much publicised on Facebook the event took place in the square in front of the Duomo,…

Pillow fight in Rome vs Rome marathon this Sunday

9 April, 2020
Prepare a pillow, preferably small and without a zipper, hide it in your back pack and get to Piazza del Popolo in Rome at 10:50 in Sunday March 22, for a pillow fight. At 10:55 a whistle will sound for…

Mozzarella world record

9 April, 2020
Italy has created the longest mozzarella cheese braid in history, with the town of Sala Consilina making a world record cheese braid 78.8 metres long. This beats the previous record of 42.8 metres in 2007, and required four tonnes of…