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Victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham in Armani lingerie: new photo

18 April, 2020
We already took a look at Victoria Beckham in the Giorgio Armani underwear campaign, and here’s another shot of Victoria in Armani lingerie.It’s a classic but hot Victoria Beckham and we imagine her fame after this fashion shoot will only…

Beckham in Milan: posh hotel for posh guests

17 April, 2020
With David Beckham in Milan, his arrival relieves some tension and brings a respite to the soap opera that had become the city’s expectation of the Posh and Becks arrival. But the Beckham rent in Viale Abruzzi will be put…

Milan: Victoria Beckham's crazy demands

17 April, 2020
David Beckham will soon move to Milan and Victoria who is now trying to look like Audrey Hepburn (though something must have gone terribly wrong during the restyling process), has prepared a new list of crazy demands for her stay…

Victoria Beckham learns to Ride

16 April, 2020
You wondering what a picture of Victoria Beckham who usually graces the pages of our Gossipblog is doing on Twowheels? It seems that ex-Spice Girl will be joining the ever increasing number of female celebrities who enjoy motorcycle riding. Her…

Victoria Beckham on life in Italy: la dolce vita

15 April, 2020
Victoria Beckham has revealed that she loves her life in Italy, and that it could be a future for David Beckham and the family.In an interview with Il Giornale, the former Spice Girl has said that she loves “spaghetti bolognese”,…

Megan Fox for Emporio Armani underwear and Armani Jeans

1 April, 2020
Move over Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox is the new body for Emporio Armani underwear and Armani Jeans. While not considered necessarily a very nice girl, she might be far more appreciated by the male population than Posh Spice. It seems…

Victoria Beckham's compulsive shopping in Milan

24 March, 2020
Victoria Beckham adores Milan or so it seems whenever she goes on a shopping spree! Last Time she was spotted in Milan , Mrs Beckham spent more than 1 million euros on Christmas presents. In a interview given to Girl…

Italian cuisine: David Beckham to take cooking lessons in Milan

17 March, 2020
Left alone in Milan (Victoria must be somewhere hounding fashion shows around the world), David Beckham has decided to attend one of those Classic Italian cuisine courses which are all the rage nowadays! Apparently the British football player fell wildly…