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Flower festival in Parma to celebrate autumn in Italy

19 April, 2020
Autumn in Italy will be celebrated by a flower exhibition and festival in Parma, to celebrate harvest time and the fruits of fall. The stunning location for the “Nel segno del Giglio Autunno” is Parma’s royal palace of Colorno.The exhibition…

Italian wildlife: alpine region marmots

27 March, 2020
I can finally say I’ve visited the marmots at Chiareggio in the Valmalenco region of the Valtellina in Lombardy. These little critters look a lot like an oversized guinea pig, but are described by Wikipedia as “ground squirrels”.They’re cute little…

Wildflowers for spring

25 March, 2020
After writing about the first day of spring in Perugia, and after recent rains, Italy should be back on track for its spring. At least I hope, because I’m planning some mountain frolics to check out the wildflowers. Coming from…