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Wooden vespa

Hand made wooden Vespa Daniela

25 April, 2020
The creator of this little masterpiece is Carlos Alberto, who has put together this elegant wooden Vespa Daniela.On Carlos’ site you will find pictures of the various stages of work that went into building this Vespa, completely hand-crafted. I imagine…

Wooden Vespa PX150

15 April, 2020
Take a look at this lovely wooden Vespa; a cross between a Riva boat and Vespa PX150 and you’ve got a beautiful timber two wheeler!Send your funny, bizarre or surprising pics to us and we’ll post them, with your name.…

Wooden Vespa toy for children

14 March, 2020
This wooden tricycle-style Vespa toy is cute, but not of Italian production. Instead, the Moulin Roty, found on Baroque Babies blog, comes from France and is a Vespa toy for children.The wooden Vespa also comes with a story of two…