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Yamaha tz750

King Kenny Roberts and the Yamaha TZ750 united again

11 April, 2020
Kenny Roberts is going back to his dirt track origins when he’ll return to the Indy Mile to ride the infamous Yamaha TZ750 for an promo event in conjuction with the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix in Indianapolis, late August.Yamaha…

Yamaha and Kenny Roberts at the Indy Mile

30 March, 2020
During this summer’s Indianapoli GP, one of the best promo events was during the break in the AMA Grand National dirt track event, where Kenny Roberts straddling his infamous Yamaha TZ750 and did several hot laps at full throttle.It was…

Kenny Roberts Thrills Fans at the Indy Mile

27 March, 2020
Talk about nostalgia at the Indy Mile dirt track last Saturday evening. Kenny Roberts put in several hot demostration laps with his infamous Yamaha TZ750 that thrilled thousands of screaming fans, young and old, and even several MotoGP riders who…