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Lisa Montgomery, the first female inmate to be executed in 70 years

Lisa Montgomery became known after she strangled a pregnant woman in Missouri and then cut the baby off the womb.

Lisa Montgomery first female inmate
Lisa Montgomery first female inmate

Lisa Montgomery’s case became known worldwide after she strangled a pregnant woman in Missouri and then cut the baby off the womb. Now she has become the first female inmate to be executed by US government in 70 years.

Lisa Montgomery has been executed

Montgomery was executed by letal injection and pronounced death at 1:31am on Wednesday. This was possible after Donald Trump resumed federal executions in July and since then 11 inmates have been killed. Montgomery’s attorney said the execution was ‘far from justice’. The injection had previously been blocked on mental health grounds, before Supreme Court decided to go ahead with the execution after hours of legal battle.

“The government stopped at nothing in its zeal to kill this damaged and delusional woman,” commented the attorney, saying the woman had suffered very serious ‘sexual tortures’, as gang rapes when she was a child, which scarred Montgomery turning her in an emotionally unstable woman, also given the mental-health issues running in her family. “Everyone who participated in the execution of Lisa Montgomery should feel shame”, said the attorney.

Prosecutors had refused to accept the mental health grounds saying Montgomery was faking mental illness, also noting that the murder of the Missouri woman was premeditated (online research on how to perform a C section was found on her laptop). Montgomery’s attorney declared the prosecutors’ accusations were unacceptable as brain scans would prove the woman’s illness.

Lisa Montgomery received the letal injection at a federal prison in Indiana and was one of the last 3 inmates to be executed by US Government, before the official inauguration of President Joe Biden next week, as he is expected to stop federal executions.


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