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Covid infections in China increase: first dead after 8 months

In China 138 new infections of Covid and first victim after 8 months: it is announced by the National Health Commission.

covid infections china
Covid infections in China increase again

According to information released by the Beijing authorities in recent months, the epidemic seemed an old memory in China, where it all began: on the contrary, a year after the first official cases of Covid-19, the country is experiencing a sharp increase in cases.

The uptake of infections in China is scary. On Wednesday January 13, 138 new positives were recorded (the highest from March) and the first dead after eight months.

Covid infections in China date back

It frightens the rise of the infections in China, where several cities are already in lockdown. According to the National Health Commission in its daily updates, after eight months China has one victim and 138 new infections. The case was registered in the province of Hebei, which is currently the main outbreak in the country.

According to the National Health Commission, there were 124 domestic infections. The remaining 14 cases appear to have been imported from other countries. Most of the new domestic infections are concentrated in Hebei Province (81) and northern Heilongjiang Province (43).

Meanwhile, the 10 international experts of the WHO arrived from Singapore in Wuhan, working together with local scientists to verify the origin of the virus. The team has already been swabbed and serologically tested for Covid-19 in view of the quarantine period, during which the experts will communicate with their local counterparts via video link. Meanwhile, 28 million people in northern China are locked down.


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