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The fight is on – Valentino Rossi vs Casey Stoner at Estoril

If you were able to watch this afternoon’s free practice at Estoril you’d would have noticed that Casey Stoner had another one of his anger management issues over be used as a tow.
It’s a well known fact that Stoner absolutely loathes being followed when he’s out posting a fast lap, and never mind that it’s only a free practice and you don’t get a trophy, but this time on the receiving end of the Australian’s anger was the rider who wiped him out at the Jerez GP, Valentino Rossi.

Rossi had followed Stoner in the final minutes of the session, but it didn’t appear that the Ducati rider was close enough to take advantage of a real tow, as both layed down an identical lap time.
But once when the engines were shut off, the MotoGP journos were ready hear some talking from Rossi about this further clash between the two and the Italian wasn’t taking the incident in his usual semi-serious manner or shucking it off, he vented.

“It was pretty casual me following him on the last lap, I was catching my breath,” said Rossi.

“Only that he doesn’t like it.
He doesn’t like it.
Well .
I don’t like it when he talks about things that he doesn’t know.
For example, talking about my shoulder injury like he’s a doctor.
It seems that he knows everything.
” “As soon as he saw me in trouble during winter testing, he didn’t hesitate a moment to attack and criticize me.
If he wanted to pay me back it should be on the track, racing and not with words.
I guess I’ve become his obsession, he keeps saying that I am unsporting, that he doesn’t want to be on the track with me.
Clearly he hasn’t gotten over Laguna Seca 2008 … and the outcome of that beautiful duel.
Since then he’s started to whinge and complain about me, looking for excuses.
We didn’t do anything wrong that time, as Rainey and Schwantz didn’t do anything at Suzuka in 1991.
Sports are like that: one wins and another loses.
”“Stoner says he didn’t like that I’m went to apologize with my helmet on after the incident at Jerez.
I did something I felt I needed to do, not because there were cameras.
I don’t think there’s a code of conduct, a proper manner to apologize with or without a helmet.
At Jerez, I went to him expecting a “vaffa” (fuck you) and a series of offenses, not statements that I was using my shoulder as an excuse.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the not so underlying rivalry between Rossi and Stoner has now been officially and openly declared and let the racing begin.

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