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Steve McQueen's and Marlon Brando's replica jackets from Triumph

Marlon Brando as Johnny in The Wild One has given us one of the most iconic motorcycle images ever.
The dapper hat pushed sideways is accompanied by a classic leather jacket in a time of post-war rebellion.
The image is being recreated by Triumph Motorcycles in a clothing collection featuring a leather jacket with “Johnny” embroidered on the front and emblanzoned on the reverse the letters BRMC with the skull and crossbones underneath.

The remake is aimed at anyone who ever thought Brando in his role as Johnny Strabler.
The special edition Triumph Brando jacket has been made with official copyright permission.
It is 100 percent leather with a fitted cut and has removable CE shoulder and elbow padding.

An internal thermal lining can also be removed.
The Wild One jacket costs about 400 euros.
Triumph is also honouring Steve McQueen with a replica jacket from McQueen’s 1964 appearance at the “International Six Day Trials”.
The hardest endurance race in the world being run along the old Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe saw team members required to race 200 miles a day virtually across country.

While it proved to be a dangerous race for McQueen on board a Triump 650, the US team won two medals to be added to Steve’s legendary exploits.
The modern jacket from Triumph to pay tribute is made from micro fibre waterproofing with an external Tri-Tex 600D membrane.
The Triumph McQueen jacket also has shoulder and elbow guards, adjustable sides, commemorative stitching and International Six Day Trial logo.
Steve McQueen’s name is featured on the front in cotton embroidery.
The jacket costs about 309 euros.

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