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Infiniti is considering a new model to fill its line-up, but not the Emerg-E

Infiniti is considering building a new vehicle that would become the halo car of the brand: it could not be, however, the production version of the Emerg-E concept car, as many had thought.
The Japanese automaker is looking to develop a vehicle quite different from the current Infiniti, with a strong sport connotation that could be placed at the top of its range.

The same Infiniti had hinted at this possibility in the past and has recently announced its intention to present a running prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
According to Car & Driver, however, the Emerg-E won’t be able to deliver the performance that is expected from a sports car of this type.

The website also claims that the carmaker is considering a production version of the 2009 Essence concept that is still a pretty good vehicle considering the age.
The concept was equipped with a twin-turbo 3.
7-litre V6 thermal engine and an electric motor producing a combined output of 592 hp, which is 189 hp more than the Emerg-E, but still not enough for a halo Infiniti car.
There could also be a third option, a vehicle that fills the gap between Infiniti and F1, but at this stage we just need to be patient and wait.

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