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Shark Evoline, evolutionary helmet

After years of research and various studies, Shark is presenting it’s new EvoLine, the only helmet in the world that has double homologation ECI 22-05, both as an integrated helmet and as Jet.
It includes an integrated helmet for high performance that with only one movement can be transformed into a jet model.

The “Tech-Move System” means that the chin piece unlocks and can be moved up and back and then fits into the shell, also allowing for maximum comfort and protection.
EvoLine then becomes a jet helmet with a visor, guaranteeing safety, and the the chin mechanism “Precise Lock”, with internal microfibre makes the whole thing a pleasure to use.

The EvoLine model, like the entire Shark range has a five-year guarantee.
The helmet demonstrates true evolution and a leap in technology, while being simple enough to use.
With its ergonomic design and guaranteed safety, could it render other models in the market obsolete? It will be available from March 2008 in Black Metal Mat and from spring the colours Grey Gloss, Bronze Gloss and Vision Mat will be available with sizes from XS to XL.

The price is 349 euro.
For further information on Italian distribution go to BER Racing

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