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Cameraphoto: Portraits of Venice film Festival stars on show in Lodi

Il volto del Novecento or The face of the 19th Century is a rather interesting exhibition of fine art photography .
It features more than 100 white and black portraits of famous artists such as Sophia Loren, Vittorio de Sica and Salvatore Dalì, but besides these extraordinary photos visitors will also have the opportunity to see many old pictures of Venice, this wondrous city built on the water that still attracts million of people each year.

All the photos come from the Cameraphoto archives in Venice.
The art show now at Bipielle Arte in Lodi will close on 3rd August.
For more information please call 39 02 45496874: email: [email protected]
Il volto del Novecento – Bipielle arte – Lodi

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