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The mysteries of Rome: the magical door

In Rome there is a mysterious door bearing strange symbols; symbols that seem to be hints for sorcerers still looking for the famous Philosopher’s stone.
Centuries ago this door probably led into Marquise Palombra’s secret garden.
The legend has it that the nobleman, one of those dark characters interested in occultism , gave hospitality to an old bagger who was in reality a proficient alchemist, trying to turn lead into gold.

It seemed that the Marquise was so interested in the old man’s craft that he gave up to him his own laboratory.
One day the Marquise sensing that something was wrong rushed back to the lab only to find that the old sorcerer was gone, leaving behind only a gold nugget and a few parchments filled with magical formulas.
Since nobody could make anything of it, the poor Marquise decided to engraved those mysterious symbols on the garden door, hoping that one day someone would be able to decipher its obscure meaning.
Well, as you know, the mystery hasn’t been solved yet, so why not take a look at the door in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II? After all you could be clever enough to solve it and turn all your cheap metals into pure gold!

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