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Egyptian exhibitions in Turin: Pharaoh Akhenaton and Egyptian treasures

It’s the last month to visit the Pharaoh’s exhibition in Turin, which features the sun Pharaoh, Akhenaton and his Aton cult.
The exhibition is open until June 14 this year.
The exhibition examines Akhenaton and his theology through the theory that his Aton cult was established to restore power to the monarch.

The time of Akhenaton in Egypt was unique, with a political crisis between state and religion that changed the ancient Egyptian culture.
The art on display shows the evolution of this culture and its new innovation.
Fans of mummies, pyramids and hieroglyphs have plenty to see, and a weekend in Turin for the Egyptian exhibition is recommended.

The Venaria Reale will also have Hidden Egyptian Treasures on display for the 2nd June long weeked.

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