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Madeleine McCann suspect’s best friend is sure he’s guilty

Madeleine McCann case: Michael Tatschl, Christian Brueckner's best friend, sadly claimed that "I know he did it".

Michael Tatschl, Christian Brueckner’s best friend, sadly claimed that “I know he did it” referring to Madeleine McCann case. Tatschl lived with Brueckner in Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared.

The reasons of the suspect of Madeleine McCann suspect’s best friend

Tatschl about Brueckner “He was a pervert and more than capable of snatching a child for sexual kicks or money.” Mr Tatschl claimed that Brueckner also boasted about “selling kids”. Even though there are no proof despite his fears that Madeleine was sold to a sex ring. “He even talked about selling kids, maybe to Morocco”, he said.

By the way, Mr Tatschl’s name came out last week after Portuguese authorities granted access to Brueckner’s court records. The friendship started in 2005, then they began living together in early 2006 at his farmhouse in Praia da Luz, Algarve, which Brueckner shared with his German girlfriend.

Mr Tatschl said: “I was staying at his house and camping in a van in the garden. We spent a lot of time together and had good fun. He did not take drugs at the time but liked to have a drink. Brueckner fiercely admitted to steal regularly holiday flats.

Brueckner’s criminal past

The Austrian drifter added: “Christian was a very good burglar and would easily climb up to first-floor apartments when tourists were out. He would steal money, valuables and passports. He had a hiding place in his house, on the roof. He had the money and passports hidden up there. Christian was always on the dark web. I don’t know exactly what he did but I suspect it involved drugs and pornography.”

They were sentenced to jail for eight months due to diesel steal from two lorries in Portimao in April 2006, Algarve. During this period, Brueckner ordered to a friend to clear his home from robberies’ evidence. However they ended up stealing the house and took all the valuables and money.

“They also got a video camera from the house. On that camera was a video of him raping an old woman. It was of this elderly lady who was chained to a wooden post and she was being beaten and raped.” It is not clear if the woman in the video was the American pensioner Brueckner was later condemned of raping. He is serving a sentence for this crime.

The Van question

Brueckner lived in the VW Westfalia van in Praia da Luz after his release from prison, that police later controlled. Mr Tatschl went to the hippy enclave of Orgiva in Andalusia, Spain, in April 2007, weeks before Madeleine, three, vanished on May 3. He said Brueckner appeared in “late May or early June” driving a Tiffin Allegro winnebago. In this vehicle the police found a stash of girls’ swimming costumes in 2016.

Mr Tatschl said: “He parked it up in Orgiva and came looking for me. We all wondered where he’d got the money from? It was a big expensive thing. We assumed it was from a big drug deal or something like that. Now I suspect it was Maddie. He was only there for a couple of days and went on back to Germany.”

He added: “When I saw the documentary on Netflix series The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann I knew immediately that he was guilty. The part where the female tourist talked about the creepy guy with acne and blond hair, I just knew it was Christian for sure.” Weeks after the release of the series, German and Austrian police met Tatschl. Detectives queried him over two days in April 2019.


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