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Soiled nappy sent by post to MP Johnny Mercer’s wife

After the MP’s wife received the nappy she revealed they had to face many hate messages and death threats over the years.

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Tory MP Johnny Mercer’s wife received a soiled nappy in the post over her husband’s vote against free school meals. Felicity and Johnny Mercer recently became parents for the third time and she is now expressing all her distress.

Mercer’s wife sent soiled nappy

The Mercers live in their family home near Launceston in Cornwall and after receiving the nappy Felicity revealed that even before the parcel they had been having abusive messages over the free school meals issue, as well as death threats over the Brexit. She said: “With Brexit people were telling to him to go hang himself, but in this one people are telling him that he is a child killer. This has been a really, really bad bad one as well. But they sent it to me which made me feel really violated.” The couple posted pictures of the soiled nappy on Twitter to show people what they have to live with. “I do think people should be aware of what getting involved in politics is really like in 2020 Britain”, Johnny Mercer commented. “The tracked parcel had a message on top that read: “Better check and see what your husband has been up to…”

The couple had their third daughter Audrey just in June and all the threats they receive represent a huge abuse, also they have to be in contact with the police at least once a week. She added: “It’s really sinister because it was sent to me, it was sent to my home address… I’m thinking, do people know that we’ve just had a baby and is it a reference to us in that way?.. “It feels like someone has planned to reach into my home and get me in my kitchen in my safe space in my little bubble where here we are just Johnny and Felicity.”


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