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Covid, London to end lockdown earlier as infections fall

London may end its lockdown earlier, since it appears that Covid infections are decreasing.

london to easen shutdown

As Covid infections have fallen in 21 boroughs in London, politicians and businessmen are urging the Government upon ending earlier the lockdown in the capital city. The will is to reopen London before the end of the national shutdown, on December 2.

London to end lockdown earlier due to fall of Covid infections

“London is the powerhouse of the UK economy. We need to get it open again as soon as possible. With cases coming down in many boroughs, there is no justification for extending lockdown a minute beyond its scheduled end date on December 2.

“Ministers must also seriously considere whether London can be released from lockdown early if cases continue to fall”. The former international development secretary and transport secretary Theresa Villers made this call since Covid case infections have fallen in 21 London boroughs.

Her request has been echoed by the City of London, business group London First, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a bunch of other business leaders.

In fact, London latest data says that the infection rate is 145 cases per 100,000 of population. This is way lower than the other major cities. Even lower than the rate in Wales (272), that came out its shutodown today, on Monday, November 9.

The urge to reopen is justified by numbers saying that this shutdown will wipe out £6 billion from the city economic output. In particular, owners of hospitality facilities say they won’t be able to survive the festive period if London were go back into Tier 2 or 3 in December.

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