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Swindon Oasis will not reopen after Covid

The operating company's review of the centre's operation with landlord Seven Capital concluded that it was "not viable" to carry on with the business.

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Councillors have said that it is “devastating” and “desperately disappointing” that Swindon’s Oasis Leisure Centre is closing. Swindon Borough Council found out that the venue would not reopen following the lifting of the second national lockdown on December 3 via email.

Swindon Oasis to permanently close

The operating company’s review of the centre’s operation with landlord Seven Capital concluded that it was “not viable” to carry on with the business. Council leader David Renard said he was “very sad” about the decision while Lib Dem leader Stan Pajak echoed the sentiment describing the situation as a “leisure crisis”.

In the email sent to the council, GLL said the “enforced closures” and the centre’s “reduced operating capacity when open” had caused operations to be reviewed. “This review has concluded that the continued operation of the centre is not viable. Both parties are therefore finalising an agreement that will see GLL surrender its lease back to Seven Capital.

The centre is “losing money” and needs “capital investment” and that it was unable to continue running it “while accruing significant rent liabilities”.

The company added: “Closing leisure facilities and reducing staff numbers is not a decision we take lightly. It is with great regret that we have come to this point, but we believe it is the only option available to us.” David Renard said it was “really disappointing news for the staff” but that the council is “continuing to work with Seven Capital“.

MP for Swindon South, Robert Buckland, said: “The Oasis is a very important local amenity for us all here in Swindon. I have already spoken to the owners of the site, Severn Capital and urged them to work closely with Swindon Borough Council to find a way forward that will allow the Oasis to reopen and for improvements to be made to a much loved local amenity. I will carry on working to try and achieve a positive outcome for all of us who know and love the Oasis.


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