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Here Are the Three Best Green Initiatives of December

Green initiatives

The month of December gives us the possibility to think about celebrations and family. While focusing on Christmas activities and presents, however, we sould not forget the environment. In fact, there are many issues that we are still facing, such as pollution, soil, and, mountains.

If you want to celebrate also them, you can do it thanks to these interesting green initiatives.

Pollution Control Day

Pollution Control Day happens on the 2nd of December. Nowadays, pollution is a major problem that the whole world is facing – just think at all the measures governments are taking in this regard.

You may ask why this occurrence takes place on this day. The answer is simple and is connected with the Bhopal Gas tragedy on 2nd December, 1984. On that day there was a leakage of a poisonous gas, that is the ‘Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)’ which caused many deaths.

Green initiatives: International Soil And Mountain Day

The International Soil Day occurs on the 5th of December, as this date corresponds the birthday of the late H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand. He was one of the main supporters of such green activities, also because agriculture plays an important role in the Thailandese industry. Soil is made up of minerals, organic matter and air in different proportions. It is relevant for human beings life as a medium for growing plants, which host various insects and other creatures.

This green initiative has also its own motto. This is: “Stop soil erosion, Save our future“. The aim of this is to raise awareness about the priotity of the protection of both ecosystems and human beings. Encouraging governments, organizations, and people, from all over the world – that is the real challenge. However, this is essential, as everyone is involved in soil management. In fact, if governments first engage themselves in these green activities, they productively improve ground health.

International Mountain Day

The last occurrence is the International Mountain Day, which will be on the 11th of December.

Since 2003, every year green initiatives have been creating awareness on the importance of mountains for living beings. And in fact, especially during the winter season, people love to enjoy such landscape going skiing or walking. All this, however, may finish soon, as global warming keeps on endangering mountains and glaciers. For this reason, many associations are throwing some activities to celebrate what we have right now. For example, a Portuguese mountain centre with some of its partners will celebrate IMD their “Mountain, Sport and Sustainable Development Days” from 13 to 14 December.

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