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15 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Life in 2020

New Year's Resolutions

As always in December, it is time to deal with the past year. In this period, in fact, we take stock of what we have achieved and what we have not achieved. At the same time, we find ourselves drawing up a list of New Year’s Resolutions to improve our lifestyle, relationships or professional status.

What do you want to achieve in 2020? What do you want to do to improve? And what do you want to change about your life? Here are some ideas to think about!

New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

If you plan to improve your life in various ways over the next year, then you may want to start by considering these good intentions:

  1. Use less technology.

    It is important to use objects such as smartphones, computers and television in moderation and to focus more on interpersonal relationships;

  2. Eliminate objects that you don’t need. Making room in your home is always a satisfying and productive activity. For instance, start by eliminating objects, appliances and clothes that you haven’t used in a long time;
  3. Sleep for more hours. Sleep for at least eight hours a night and turn off your smartphone and television before you go to bed;
  4. Learn a new language. Thanks to specialized websites it is easy to learn a foreign language that will help you make new friends and broaden your horizons;
  5. Let your creativity run free. Spend some time on creative activities such as drawing, singing, dancing or playing an instrument;
  6. Travel more. If you have been planning a trip for a long time, stop procrastinating and book a flight immediately;
  7. Do some exercise. Take some time for your body’s well-being by going to the gym or simply taking long walks in the park;
  8. Read more. You can choose novels, essays, comics, newspapers and more. In any case, reading opens your mind to many topics and allows you to gain new perspectives;
  9. Get back in touch with your old friends. Often a phone call or a simple message is all it takes to reconnect with those friendships you have lost over time;
  10. Make new friendships. By attending new places and travelling you can meet different people. Moreover, this will allow you to come into contact with other realities and cultures;
  11. Do something brave. Try an activity you’ve never had the courage to do, whether it’s a parachute jump or a burlesque course;
  12. Stop criticizing yourself. We all do mistakes, so it is useless to cry over spilt milk. On the contrary, it is important to understand that from mistakes you learn to deal better with any circumstance;
  13. Don’t procrastinate. If you are going to do or buy something do not postpone. Also, don’t be afraid if something new and unexpected happens in your life;
  14. Have fun. After a week of work or study, treat yourself to a few hours of pure fun with your friends without thinking about your daily worries;
  15. Finish the projects you have started. If you have interrupted a project due to tiredness or lack of time, next year will be the right time to complete it.
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