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What are the signs of pet allergies?

What are the signs of pet allergies? Symptomes and treatments.

Pet allergies
Pet allergies: symptomes and treatments.

Pet allergies: first of all, you may want to learn the answer to “What are allergies?”: allergies are a reaction from the immune system to an allergen. Sometimes pet dander can be a main cause of allergic symptoms, making controlling the issue difficult if you have pets.

Pet allergies: symptoms

Symptoms can range from a blocked nose and itchy mouth to sneezing, coughing, hives and wheezing. It does not matter if you are allergic to cats or allergic to dogs. The symptoms are the same on average.

Some people have more severe symptoms and may not be able to be around a pet at all while. Some may simply experience uncomfortable effects to animal allergies such as sneezing and itching. The signs may start as simple as having an itchy nose or a tickle in your throat that turns out to be a full-blown sneezing fit. Some people even break out in hives or experience watery eyes.

Pet allergy relief


Treating allergies that are related to a pet allergy can be the same as treating most other allergies. Sometimes we could opt only for an aspirin, because of the headache that could be symptom of the stuffy nose, but maybe we have to choose medications that can help with cat allergies and dog allergies as well as medication given by a physician.


Many people find that an allergist is helpful because a vaccine can be formulated that will help with the symptoms and be created especially for the individual, containing ingredients for each allergy. It really depends on the severity.

Over the counter medication

Some people have an allergy to dogs and cats that is so severe that they cannot remain near a family pet. However, some simply have mild symptoms similar to being allergic to dust or pollen. An OTC medication such as Claritin, Allegra or Zyrtec can be the first thing try to help with allergies. All of these were once only available by prescription. So, the strength is what you would find through a doctor. If those do not help, you may see an allergist for targeted vaccinations.

There are many causes of allergies and pets are just one of the causes that can range from mild to severe, but we don’t have to renounce the love pets can give us in every situation.

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