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Aspirin for dogs, the facts: dosage and risks

"Can I give my dog aspirin?", the answer is yes, as long as you know the dosage and risks.

Aspirin for dogs
Know the dosage and the risks to give your dog aspirin.

What is aspirin? Aspirin is a common drug that most everyone is aware of, but if you are wondering exactly what it is, then you should know that it is a NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). This type of drug helps with pain and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Aspirin for dogs? If your dog has pain or swelling, it can be an excellent choice.

So, if you are wondering, “Can I give my dog aspirin?”, then the answer is yes, as long as you know the dosage and risks.

What can I give my dog aspirin for?

It is well known that dogs are men’s bestfriend: they are always by our side, they share pain, joy and passion, and support us at all times. So we always want them to be always well. When can I help my dog with aspirin?

aspirin for dogs?

For example, if you want to help your pet with dog arthritis or find a dog arthritis pain relief medication, then aspirin is a good choice. Some companies even make a buffered aspirin for dogs, which helps in decreasing the risk of an upset stomach from the aspirin.

While you should always check with your vet before using any new drug for your dog, the typical dosage is approximately 5 mg per pound of weight and you can go up to 10 mg maximum. This is based on a 12 hour period. So, basically, you need give 10-20 mg of an aspirin dose per 24 hours, depending on the weight.

Know the risks

There are certain risks when using aspirin due to the aspirin toxicity. You may have seen ads about Bufferin or other aspirins that say that they are buffered. This is a safety measure, where the aspirin has a “buffer” on it to cut down on some of the toxicity when it enters your dog’s stomach. They should only be used temporarily and with a veterinarian’s okay.

While aspirin may seen like an everyday medication, it is strong. It is also a blood thinner. So, if your dog is having surgery, you need to make sure he does not take any aspirin up to at least a week before his scheduled surgical procedure.

Pregnant canines should not take aspirin due to birth defects being a possibility. Anyway, make sure your dog is not allergic to aspirin!

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