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Where to find a kitten for sale in uk

© London looks (Flickr) Kittens!
© London looks (Flickr)
What sort of kitten do you want?
Do you want a moggy or non-pedigree kitten? Or would you prefer a kitten of a certain breed, or a pedigree kitten. A moggy kitten will be cheaper and easier to find. However, with a pedigree kitten you have a huge choice, from an elegant Siamese kitten to a fluffy Persian kitten to a rather exotic Bengal kitten. Buying a pedigree kitten will also give you some idea of the grown-up cat’s personality. But you will have to pay quite a substantial amount of money for this. It is your choice.
Finding a non-pedigree kitten
You can look for kittens for sale in local papers under "Pets", or go to a local pet shop. There is also likely to be an animal rescue centre in your area, and most of these places are inundated with young cats and kittens, particularly in the spring and summer. You may be able to get a free kitten, but more often you will have to pay a token amount, though at a rescue centre this may well include something towards vaccinations and neutering.
Obtaining a pedigree kitten
Pedigree kittens are sometimes advertised in local papers. However, you are more likely to find them in specialist cat magazines, which usually have a list of breeders at the back. Perhaps the best idea, however, is to go to a cat show, get to know the different cat breeds, and talk to breeders. You will have to pay quite a lot for a pedigree kitten, probably from £300 upwards, although so-called "pet quality" kittens will be cheaper than kittens suitable for breeding or showing.

Whichever kind of kitten you decide to get, look after it carefully, bearing in mind that it will bring you joy – and trouble – for many years, often as long as 15-20 years with the right food and veterinary care. So choose carefully.

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