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Amalfi coast

Luxury holidays in Italy: Palazzo Sasso Hotel, Ravello

25 April, 2020
Nestled above the Amalfi coast, the beautiful town of Ravello has always been a great favourite with the glitterati and Anglo-American expatriates (writer Gore Vidal lived here for years). So if you want to mix with the rich and famous…

Luxury hotels on the Amalfi Coast: Santa Catarina

12 April, 2020
We’re not really in the times when splurging on holidays is recommended, but if you want to save the economy, then spending a little extra could be what keeps things afloat. So if you have some extra cash and are…

Your pics: Amalfi Coast by motorcycle

5 April, 2020
If you want a little Dolce Vita by motorcycle, check out these pics of a ride around the Amalfi Coast. The pics come from Luca and show the Amalfi Coast and the Campotosto Lake in Italy. One of the best…

Italian food: anchovies from Cetara, on the Amalfi Coast

24 March, 2020
If you’ve ever been confused over the real name of anchovies in Italy, then you’re forgiven as it appears that the name varies across the regions. Traditionally called “acciughe”, you will often see the name “alici” which refers to the…

Italy's best beaches: top ten for 2011 summer in Italy

22 March, 2020
Summer in Italy spoils us for choice over the best Italian beaches from the north to the south, including some beautiful secluded spots on Italy’s islands. While August often seems like a bum’s rush to get your spot on the…

Japanese movie increases tourism in Amalfi

21 March, 2020
This is not the first time that a movie increases tourism; in the recent past, it has happened with the Lord Of The Ring trilogy, the Harry Potter saga and Ridley Scott’s A Good Year, so it did not surprise…