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Milan: first Christian pub in Italy opens in Brera

21 April, 2020
It’s not quite in the big, Irish, Catholic drinking style, but Milan has its first Christian pub. By the looks of it, it’s nothing compared to a Guinness location on the green isle, but it certainly has the address to…

Expo 2015: a new Louvre in Milan's Brera district?

16 April, 2020
Milan is a city holding its breath for the 2015 Expo when the event will hopefully breathe some new life into a city that often struggles to have its cultural qualifications recognised. The Brera district of Milan is truly beautiful,…

Luxury Italian design: the Bulgari Hotel in Milan

5 April, 2020
According to Forbes, Milan’s Bulgari Hotel is one of the best hotels in Italy. The hotel is situated in one of Milan’s most beautiful areas, between via Montenapoleone, famous for its shopping, and via della Spiga.It’s an area which takes…