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Summer holidays in Italy: Chia Laguna Resort, Sardinia

20 April, 2020
Chia Laguna is comprised of 4 hotels and several villas where one can relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Sardinian landscape. With its white beaches and emerald green sea, this enchanting resort near Cagliari is a true corner…

Summer holidays in Sardinia: San Sperate, near Cagliari

6 April, 2020
Not far from Cagliari, there’s a lovely village called San Sperate; you are wrong if you are thinking that we are just talking about one of those picturesque hamlets that tourists are so fond of! San Sperate is far more…

Holidays in Italy: Eden Village Colostrai in Sardinia

1 April, 2020
Sardinia is a piece of heaven fallen to earth and its beauty has no rivals in the whole world, so if you’re planning your holidays and looking for some nice place to stay, the Eden Village Colostrai would make the…