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Italian universities: Milan's Politecnico tops the class ahead of Bocconi

11 April, 2020
Appearing in today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport is Milan’s Politecnico University, said to be the best university in Italy. Italy’s economic newspaper, Sole24Ore, compiled a classification of Italy’s most prestigious universities, with the Politecnico topping the list, followed closely by…

Study in Italy: Università della Valle d'Aosta

7 April, 2020
I would say if you’re interested in skiing or hiking, then you’ve come to the right place - if you’re not that focused on studying, that is. If you are, the Università della Valle d’Aosta is well known for languages,…

Study in Italy: University Roma Tre, location for Benigni film

27 March, 2020
We got a couple of responses for our request about studying in Rome, both on University Roma Tre and both quite different. As a humanities university it has a good offering, including jurisprudence and languages with international communication.The university is…

Study in Italy: University Cassino

25 March, 2020
If you’re looking for a university with a small town feel in Italy, you could try out the Università di Cassino, in Italy’s south. The university is in the small town of Cassino, which is two hours from Rome and…

Study in Italy at the University of Naples

25 March, 2020
Leaving aside jokes of living in the rubbish, going to study in Naples would be a really unique experience. I have heard that to appreciate this city with all its elegance, squalor and personality you need to tour with someone…

Study in Italy at Milan's Politecnico

21 March, 2020
If you’re an engineer who wants to study in Italy, you must go to the Politecnico of Milan - it’s the most famous and prestigious university in Italy for engineering. If you want to then work in Italy, it will…