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Expo 2015

Expo 2015: a new Louvre in Milan's Brera district?

16 April, 2020
Milan is a city holding its breath for the 2015 Expo when the event will hopefully breathe some new life into a city that often struggles to have its cultural qualifications recognised. The Brera district of Milan is truly beautiful,…

Milan wins World Expo 2015 bid

11 April, 2020
102 years after the last time it was hosted in Milan, the city has won its bid to host the 2015 Universal Exposition (Expo 2015) . In a difficult political and economic climate for Italy, the city won over the…

Expo 2015: Saturday Night at the Museum

7 April, 2020
Milan won its bid to host The Expo and now of course the city is celebrating like mad. For this very reason on Saturday several museums will open their doors to the public. Remember, if you decide to go there…

Luxury Italian hotels: Milan's seven star Town House expands

4 April, 2020
Milan’s seven star Town House Hotel has been given approval from Milan’s city council to expand its structure, using space previously used by staff from the La Scala opera house. This would take the surface area from 1,540 sqaure metres…