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Husqvarna 900

Husqvarna 900 testing spy shots

17 April, 2020
Until now the new Husqvarna 900 road going bike seemed to be just the 900cc engine, but with these spy shots, the model is taking shape. The new bike will be the first Husqvarna roadgoing model produced and currently we’re…

Husqvarna 900 design video

13 April, 2020
After the first Husqvarna 900 pics emerged, debate as to the merits and beauty of the thing kicked off straight away. In this video we get to hear it all from the horse’s mouth as Husqvarna explains the philosophy behind…

Husqvarna 900 video

7 April, 2020
The Husqvarna 900 continues its “spy” or teaser campaign, with another video in which we see the new bike on the road. Leaving aside whether this video was created by Husqvarna itself (we guess they release this stuff anyway, knowing…

Husqvarna 900 minisite

29 March, 2020
We will forgive any “what the…” questions on seeing this image, but here is the new Husqvarna 900 website. There’s not heaps to see on the dedicated website right now except for a cool, retro-looking splash page, the image of…

Husqvarna Nuda 900R pics Husqvarna naked

25 March, 2020
Pics of the new Husqvarna Nuda 900R have been released and not only is this a hot looking machine, we understand it’s got the performance to back up the looks. While full technical specs and other details haven’t been released…