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Italian architecture

Italian lifestyle: apartment design in Milan

22 April, 2020
Well woe is me! I’d like to see what Lorenza Luti would think of my apartment in Italy which is possibly smaller than hers and decorated with the landlord’s furniture which includes wobbly wardrobes and a black leather lounge.This is…

Sicilian holidays in an environmental resort

19 April, 2020
This is a great idea, if only they could get it off the ground. In the south of Sicily, at S. Maria del Focallo, an entirely ecological tourist resort has been inaugurated. Called Villaggio Marispica, it’s the fruit of collaboration…

Turin architecture: the house of Alessandro Antonelli

13 April, 2020
Turin is not always on the map for tourists visiting Italy, but it has a lot to offer, including some unusual architecture. The La Stampa newspaper took a look at the construction from architect Alessandro Antonelli, at number 9, via…

Italy's most popular churches

11 April, 2020
Travel portal Trivago, for the Church month of May, has published the most appreciated basilicas, cathedrals and churches in Italy. The top ten churches of Italy are based on the number of internet searches completed in March and April of…

Design: Atika on show in Rome Auditorium

31 March, 2020
On show in Rome’s Auditorium is átika, and environmentally sustainable house built for the mediterranean climate, and designed by Velux.The house is open to visitors until the end of July and entry is free. You can see up close the…

Rome to host Architecture Festival

31 March, 2020
The 2009 Rome Architecture festival which aims to assist people in understanding the change taking place to our cities and how that change will influence our lives will be inaugurated on September 8. Paolo Soleri´s lectio magistralis on La frugalità…

Touring Italy: Pescara bridge cycling or walking

27 March, 2020
Pescara’s new Ponte del Mare, by architect Walter Pichler, is one of those civil engineering feats that combines practicality with tourism appeal. The long bridge offering a cycling and walking path, unites both shores of Pescara’s river. The two paths…

Touring Rome: rare visits to art and archaeological sites

26 March, 2020
Some of Rome’s architectural and historic treasures are being opened for special guided tours run by Italy’s environmental organisation, FAI. Places such as the Temple of the “Ninfe” and “Porta Asinaria” will open for rare, free guided tours by FAI.The…

Postcards from Italy: Santa Chiara cloister in Naples

21 March, 2020
The Santa Chiara cloister in Naples can’t strictly be called a cloister, which you would normally consider as a dark, hushed religious area. In the style of the sunny city of Naples, this particular specimen is an open-air cloister, beautifully…

Milan skyline from Italy's tallest building

20 March, 2020
See the skyline of Milan in this video taken at the top of Italy’s tallest skyscraper, the “Altra Sede” of the Lombardy regional government. While not tall by world standards, the tower is 39 stories high and 161 metres tall.…

Roberto Cavalli's house: Italian architecture and design

14 March, 2020
Roberto Cavalli’s luxury Italian villa in Tuscany has been renovated by Italian architect Italo Rota, who has fitted the house with metallic sheets and decorative motifs. The metallic “lace” covers the facade and was made in Italy specifically for Cavalli.…