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Portofino & Portovenere: monasteries converted into posh hotels

23 April, 2020
In Liguria, where mountains and steep cliffs drop straight into the Mediterranean, creating a unique landscape that each year attracts millions of tourists, many old monasteries have been converted into posh hotels. The most famous is Hotel Splendido in Portofino.…

Scuba diving at Portofino

15 April, 2020
This beautiful video shows the underwater secrets and sea life of one of Italy’s popular tourist destinations, Portofino, in Liguria. Here, you can see a Mediterranean diving location in Italy’s north, with the famous red coral of the area. The…

Agririfugio Molini at S. Fruttuoso on mount Portofino

9 April, 2020
Only local press has talked about the “agririfugio” Molini (agricultural mountain cottage) inaugurated recently, but it’s a little pearl by the sea at S.Fruttuoso, and we recommend going as soon as possible. The Cooperative of the Il giardino del borgo…

Portofino Kulm: spa and wellness centre

7 April, 2020
Portofino, this small fishing town on the Italian Riviera and looking out on the Tigullian Gulf and the Gulf of Paradise, was even mentioned by Nietzsche, one of the greatest philosophers that has ever lived. Anyway the fortunes of the…

Denzel Washington's summer holidays in Portofino

4 April, 2020
Denzel Washington who arrived in Portofino on his luxury yacht more than a week ago seems to have fallen in love with its rocky beaches and green-blue sea, showing no intention of going back to America. The romantic atmosphere of…

Eva Mendes arrives in Portofino with Dolce & Gabbana

2 April, 2020
American actress Eva Mendes seems to be having the time of her life sitting next to Dolce & Gabbana at a sidewalk café in Portofino; invited by the famous fashion duo, the actress arrived in Italy with her husband George…

Jennifer Lopez starts new fashion trend in Portofino

2 April, 2020
Headscarves are back! Just a few months ago Dolce and Gabbana said that they wanted to revamp the headscarf and introduce it to a younger generation; actress Jennifer Lopez must has taken the cue from them! Have a look at…

Bono Vox's luxury holiday in Portofino

20 March, 2020
Singer Bono Vox has once again been spotted in Portofino. Apparently the Irish singer touched shore aboard the Cyan, a luxury yacht 42 metres long. His innumerable fans here in Italy still remember his impromptu show during which, last year,…