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Road safety

Frankie the Angel and the Swiss Safety Video

23 April, 2020
Switzerland isn’t known only for their banks, cuckoo clocks, chocolate and great skiing, but they’ll probably get their name in the motorcycling safety world with this very sweet video starring Frankie, the singing Guardian Angel who tells us to Slow…

Making Potholes visible

14 April, 2020
The bane and cause of numerous two wheel accidents are those potholes that seem to appear overnight. It would be nice if they could be prevented in the first place or fixed as soon as they do appear, but in…

Motorcycle Safety: Think About Bikers (w/video)

20 March, 2020
The UK has launched their latest motorcycle safety campaign and instead of the usual hard hitting, gut wrenching videos that show you the final results of not following road safety, this THINK! compaign is centered on making drivers think about…