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Shopping in milan

Vogue fashion Night Out in Milan

9 April, 2020
The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Milan, one of the world’s most famous cities for its fashion, takes place this evening in Milan, one night before the New York Vogue Night Out. The city will be focusing on high fashion…

Victoria Beckham's compulsive shopping in Milan

24 March, 2020
Victoria Beckham adores Milan or so it seems whenever she goes on a shopping spree! Last Time she was spotted in Milan , Mrs Beckham spent more than 1 million euros on Christmas presents. In a interview given to Girl…

Vespa store opens in Milan

21 March, 2020
Vespa has opened a store in Milan with a new space dedicated to Vespa history, fashion and design. The store celebrates the Vespa brand as one of the key ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” movement. The space is located…