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Tpr italian factory

Urban Scrambler by TpR – Italian Factory

25 April, 2020
Here’s a look an Italian Urban Scrambler, the first motorcycle designed by TPR Italian Factory. The new company has been established by Pietro Figini, and designed this Urban Scrambler, presenting it to the Italian press recently.Pietro Figini, known as “Figio”…

TPR Triumph Urban Scrambler original pics

18 April, 2020
The Triumph Urban Scrambler by TPR is getting the attention it deserves, being picked up on MCN and TopSpeed, and here we show the first pics we posted back in May last year. It’s an interesting bike with plenty of…

More pics of Revolutionary Road from TPR Italian factory

4 April, 2020
We’ve already seen the TpR Triumph special a couple of times, but apparently the real name of this urban scrambler from the TpR Italian Factory is “Revolutionary Road” and you can see it in these live pics from the Motor…