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Travis pastrana

X Games 2009 – Moto X Best Tricks

24 April, 2020
Check out what happened in this highlight video from X Games 15 for the best trick and watch everyone’s favourite Travis Pastrana crashing out while attempting the “Toilet Paper Roll”.Kyle Loza took first and the gold with his “Electric Doom”,…

Travis Pastrana jumping over a Helicopter – Video

21 April, 2020
We all know that Travis Pastrana is kind of nuts and one of the best or maybe the best freestyler daredevil in the world, so check him out while he jumps over the spinning blades of helicopter in Sydney.The jump…

Travis Pastrana's Shoe Bike

19 April, 2020
The Shoe Bike, the ultimate customization, a FMX Suzuki bike that instead of running on tires, runs on pairs DC shoes and who else but Travis Pastrana could come up with something like this for an episode of MTV’s Nitro…

Travis Pastrana in Training (w/video)

12 April, 2020
Travis Pastrana’s life is isn’t all stunting with bikes and cars and winning competitions, sometimes jumps go bad and he ends up with injuries that would keep us normal people in bed for weeks on end and popping painkillers like…

Travis Pastrana New Year's Eve Jump

5 April, 2020
Here at TwoWheelsBlog, we just love Travis Pastrana. All his crazy ideas, wild motorcycle stunts keeps us entertained and always asking for more, and even if this year’s Red Bull: New Year. No Limits event was done on four wheels…

Pastrana in rally crash: "are you alive?!"

5 April, 2020
You know how we were saying that Travis Pastrana needs all the extra lives he can get? Well here’s proof in this amazing rally crash Pastrana had a few years ago in Colorado. Maybe he should stick to freestyling, cars…

Travis Pastrana Back flip on a Tricycle

2 April, 2020
Travis Pastrana is a motorsports competitor who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing, but once in awhile he enjoys being just a crazy daredevil.Watch as he rides…

Travis Pastrana Takes Two Golds at X Games 16 w/videos

2 April, 2020
Everyone’s favourite, Travis Pastrana took two gold medals at the recent X Games 16. The Nitro Circus star, who was carrying the lingering effects of surgery on a broken collarbone and in an interview with Red Bull.com had said “I…

A great Christmas present: Kicking Up Dirt by Ashley Fiolek

24 March, 2020
Travis Pastrana said of her: “Ashley Fiolek’s not just good at motocross for a girl…she’s flat-out good. She is a tough, confident, competitive racer who has overcome enough in her life to know that nothing is impossible.”Kicking Up Dirt is…

Travis Pastrana: "199 Lives" (he needs them all!)

18 March, 2020
You don’t need to watch the whole video to know why this is called “199 Lives” - a documentary of pure adrenalin dedicated to Travis Pastrana. The opening scene is of Pastrana sky diving pratically naked with the voice over:…

Troy Bayliss in Race of Champions with Mark Webber

17 March, 2020
The fact at the end of the season we will the sad event of Troy Bayliss‘ retirement from the world of two wheels, doesn’t mean that the Australian rider will completely abandon the sport. In fact, for Bayliss occasions to…