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Italy's MotoGP TV Audience Soars with Rossi Return

19 April, 2020
If you had betted that with Valentino Rossi returning to racing after his leg injury would also bring back TV audiences in Italy, you would have won some easy money, because that was exactly what happened yesterday for the German…

Dorna offers TV coverage of the MotoGP tests at Valencia

12 April, 2020
With more than half of the MotoGP grid changing teams onTuesday at Valencia, Dorna knowing how important it is for fans and playing up the importance of these tests, has decided to allow TV networks to show part of the…

MotoGP Qatar TV ratings drop in Italy

5 April, 2020
We can put the blame on the fact MotoGPs Qatar round was broadcasted at 9pm (CET) and on Easter Sunday to boot, or that Valentino Rossi qualified 12th and his fan’s knew that there was very little to expect from…

MotoGP viewing numbers also drop in Spain

29 March, 2020
If MotoGP viewing audiences in Italy dropped for the evening races in Qatar, Spain’s numbers weren’t that much better, despite the fact that Spanish riders won in all three classes.MotoGP this year is being broadcasted by Spain’s Telecinco (Mediaset) and…

MotoGP Haemorrhaging in Italy

23 March, 2020
While the Assen circuit saw over 97,000 fans show up for the races on Saturday, in Italy the viewing audiences on Italia 1 plunged to a record low this year.These are the Auditel numbers for the 2010 Dutch GP race:…