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Where to eat in rome

Food critics in Italy: Fernanda D'Arienza

20 April, 2020
Food criticism is big business in Italy, what with Slow Food’s Gambero Rosso, competition for Michelin stars and the rest. Which is why it’s refreshing to see a figure like Fernanda D’Arienza in the industry.Fernanda is a food critic by…

Restaurants in Rome: "Vacanze Romane" in Trastevere

4 April, 2020
A cosy and unpretentious restaurant worth visiting in Rome, is “Vacanze Romane” in the Trastevere district. And if you’re on a romantic holiday in Rome, it’s the perfect start to an evening strolling the lovely streets of this area.The interior…

Restaurants in Rome: nothing fancy at the 12 Apostoli

30 March, 2020
For a quick, unpretentious meal in Rome, the 12 Apostoli restaurant is worth a stop for good food, without the frippery of fancy service.The restaurant is located on one of the long and narrow squares in Rome, just minutes away…

Local restaurants in Rome: Pane Quotidiano at Montesacro

27 March, 2020
We continue our posts on local restaurants in Rome, after the Anni Cinquanta restuarant, with “Pane Quotidiana” (Daily Bread) at Montesacro.The restaurant is decorated in a simple, rustic style with long wooden benches and lovely staff. The menu offers plenty…

Restaurants in Rome: Giuda ballerino!

14 March, 2020
For a great restaurant in Rome with a good wine list, look to Giuda Ballerino! in Largo Appio Claudio, 344. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the classic exclamation from the comic book character Dylan Dog, and if…