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Your motorcycle pics

Motorcycles and man's best friend

14 April, 2020
I found this pic on Flickr and love the fact that the dog is so out of proportion compared to the bike. If you’ve got any pics of your favourite two wheels and four legged friend, send them through; we’ll…

Your photos: flying motorcycles

14 April, 2020
This pic comes from Angelo and Lolli, who were passing through Vernayaz in Switzerland: a town where it seems motorcycles can fly.Send your funny, bizarre or surprising pics to us and we’ll post them, with your name. We’d love to…

Crazy Cafè Racer with vertical exhaust

4 April, 2020
Hot ass? You probably would have if you put your bum on the exhaust outlet for any length of time with this odd Cafè Racer. The pics come from Crazy Garage (via Ottonero). What do you think of the exhaust…

Your photos: a Yamaha R6 or a Cafe Racer?

15 March, 2020
Reader “djtech” sent us this photo of a friend’s Yamaha R6 after an accident. The rider was turning off the road when this mini van ran into the back of him.While the rider wasn’t damaged, the Yamaha R6 now looks…