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Attack in Paris in front of former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo: 4 wounded

Four people were injured in a knife attack in Paris near the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo: arrested a suspected assailant.

attack paris
attack paris

The Paris Police are intervening in the area of Boulevard Richard Lenoir, not far from the old headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, where there was a knife attack in which 4 people were injured, two of them seriously. According to reports, an attacker was identified and arrested in front of the Opéra, not far from the scene of the crime: he had traces of blood on his clothes.

Attack with knife in Paris

From the first information it was reported that the authors of the gesture were two, of Pakistani or North African origin. The Prefecture of the Capital, however, explained that most likely the aggressor is only one, armed with machetes as reported by the press.

According to the newspaper Libération, law enforcement also identified the first two wounded. It would be a woman, attacked in front of the mural tribute to the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, and an employee of the production company First Lines. All schools, crèches and old people’s homes in the neighbourhood have been isolated according to the requirements of the procedure.

Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke of an attack on the white weapon in front of the offices of the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo and confirmed the balance of the injured subjects. He also said that he would go to the crisis centre of the Ministry of the Interior. The link between Charlie Hebdo and the attack is yet to be established, as well as whether it was an attack for terrorist purposes.

Deputy mayor of Paris Emmanuel Grégoire wrote on his profile that “a potentially dangerous individual is currently wanted by the police” and asked for caution. In the meantime, some subway stations have been closed, including Richard-Lenoir, Bastille, Green Road.

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