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Pets return to the White House: meet ‘The First Dogs’

Joe Biden becoming President of United States means pets will finally return to the White House, meet 'Champ and Major' the new 'First Dogs'.

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Franklin Roosevelt had a Scottish Terrier, Bill Clinton a chocolate Labrador and a cat, George W Bush had two Scottish Terriers, but after Barack Obama brought his Portuguese Water Dogs Bo and Sunny to the White House during his presidency, ‘first pets’ were not around anymore. Finally, Joe Biden being elected means pets will also be back to the White House and the news is making every pet-lover and child of the US very happy. Meet the ‘First Dogs’ of United States, Champ and Major, two beautiful German Shepherds.

Pets return to the White House

After the announcement of Joe Biden winning the US presidential election 2020, people have started to realise that dogs will be returning to the White House as fluffy little members of the household. Donald Trump was in fact the first president after a hundred years not to have a pet. The new White House pets will be Biden’s German Shepherds, Champ and Major, that will be moving in along with their owners in January.

Who are the ‘First Dogs’


Champ was taken by Joe Biden when he was elected vice president in 2008, so he has already been in the White House. Jill Biden had promised Joe a post-election pet and there came the little doggo then named Champ by Biden’s grandchildren. His name seems to have a profound meaning to the family as, Joe Biden recalled during a speech in back in 2008 it reminded him when his father used to tell him “Any time you get knocked down, champ, get up!”. Champ is light brown with a dark snout and is a little camera-shy.


Major joined the Biden family about 8 years later. He was rescued from a difficult situation, from which the Bidens saved him, adopting him from the Delaware Humane Association. He is black with light brown paws and less shy than Champ. As Champ, he is also a star of Instagram and Twitter, sharing a happy and clear message other doggies in difficulty might need: ‘Adopt!’


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