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Installing a dishwasher

© doortoriver (Flickr) New Dishwasher
© doortoriver (Flickr)

The first step to installation is making sure the opening is large enough to accommodate the washer. The sizes are pretty standard.

Next, remove the faceplate on the machine. This is located at the base and will allow access to the electrical box and supply inlet for water.

Make sure the water and the power to the dishwater is shut off before continuing.

Now you should connect the drainpipe. Dishwashers need to be vented which prevents the siphoning of water from the drain. The air gap is mounted in one of the available sink holes.

The drainpipes are then connected to the air gap. Make sure to secure them with a clamp or hose section.

The end of the drainpipe is then inserted into the existing dishwasher drain. If this is not present, you will need to install a branch tailpiece under the sink. This will provide the outlet for the dishwasher. This should be installed directly above the drain trap under the sink.

Now it is time to connect the supply lines. There should be two valves beneath the sink. One is for the hot water in the sink and the other is for the dishwasher. The purpose of having two valves is to be able to shut off the water to the dishwasher while keeping the running water in the sink.

Now that the drain and supply lines are connected, connect the electrical wires. This is done by connecting the appropriate wires to the electrical box on the dishwasher.

Always connect hot and neutral wires to themselves. Make sure to use wire nuts after connection to cover exposed wires.

Attach the ground wire to the green screw.

Replace the cover on the electrical box.

It is now time to test the dishwasher. Do this by turning on the water and checking for leaks.

Restore power and turn on the dishwasher. If it begins the wash cycle, everything has gone well and you are ready to install.

Slide the machine into the opening and make sure it is level. Attach the faceplate to the bottom front of the machine and the installation is complete!

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