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Why buy engineered oak flooring?

© Serendigity (Flickr) Floor Sanding
© Serendigity (Flickr)
One thing that you should know about engineered oak is that it is cheaper than real wood flooring.
This is one of the major reasons why many people purchase it.
The reason why engineered oak is cheap is because of the fact that it is made of plywood and some oak strips.

This makes it possible to purchase engineered oak flooring at a lower cost than that of real oak.

Where to use engineered oak wood?
There are many areas in your home where the engineered oak cheap wood flooring can be used.

The major advantage of oak is that it has been designed with capabilities of withstanding moisture.
Just like any other wood, it cannot withstand areas that flood with water.
Therefore, it should not be used in flooding areas.
Easy to install
How to install?
Engineered wood is already pre-finished.
Therefore, once you put the planks on the floor, they can be used immediately. You do not have to wait for sealant to dry.

It is easy to install engineered oak wood.
You do not necessarily require hiring a professional to install the flooring.

Final word
People believe that oak wood floor is good for those suffering from allergic reactions.
This is because it does not accumulate much allergen which can cause attacks.
It is very easy to keep the wood clean.

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