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Engineered hardwood flooring: Buying guide

© Ragnarocks (Fotolia) Close-up wooden (French Оak) texture to background
© Ragnarocks (Fotolia)
It is more solid. The wood has been properly engineered to make is last for a long duration of time. It has been fixed with other materials that make it incapable of bending even after staying for a long period.

It is made of unfinished plywood layers and at the top is the finished top which makes it have a flooring durability. It is resistant against high moisture. Majority of wooden floors cannot be installed in moisture places like the bathrooms; this is because they are easily destroyed by water.

The wood cannot damage even after being exposed to humid conditions. You can easily mop the floor without worrying yourself. They incur less installation costs. After buying the wood in a finished form you can take it upon yourself to install it without employing the services of other professionals. This is so helpful since it assist in cutting the costs of expenses.
They require a lot of patience. People who do not have patience might find it very uncomfortable since the floor requires that the owner does the sanding, cleaning and the finishing. In some instances you can take care of the installing too. They are costly. This depends with the type of wood that you choose. High quality woods that have a perfect finish are normally expensive. If insulation was not included to the wood by the manufacturing companies then it is likely that the wood will be producing some terrible noise throughout its use.

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