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Home renovations for a guest room makeover

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© Trevor Allen (Fotolia)

A comfortable guest room design can provide a home base and a safe haven for your guest, reducing stress and making her feel welcome.

The bed

Make sure the bed is comfortable.

A firm mattress with several pillows and extra blankets is usually greeted with a smile. If you do not have room for a double or queen sized bed in your guest renovations plan, consider the most comfortable bed in a day bed style with a slide-out trundle that will sleep two people.

The dresser

It is best to have highly functional wood bedroom dressers, one or two if there is enough space, in the guest room so that your guests can have someplace to unpack a suitcase and put clothing away. The top of the bedroom chest of drawers gives your guest a place to put small belongings and toiletries, or a spot for placing a TV.

A comfortable chair

When your guest needs private time to read or just sit back and relax, it is always nice to have a comfortable upholstered chair or comfortable upholstered office chair in which to sit.


Make sure you have adequate lighting in the guest room when you are planning the interior designing. They should be able to turn a light on upon entering the room and have lighting by the bed and also near the chair if they want to read. Place a small night light in the room to help avoid accidents in the dark.

Luggage rack

Provide some place for your guests to place their suitcase. A folding luggage rack can be stored in the closet and is convenient for packing and unpacking.

Desk and chair

If you have enough space, adding a small desk and comfortable office chair is an extra bonus where your guests can place a computer, do some writing or even put on makeup.


Putting a clean, cozy bathrobe in your guest room is an extra bonus for any guest who may have forgotten to pack one or did not have room. Hang it on the door with a welcoming note tucked in the pocket.

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