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A buyer's guide to oven and hob

© BoneDaddy.P7 (Flickr) Oven
© BoneDaddy.P7 (Flickr)
Oven types
Today you could choose from a range of ovens to purchase the one you need. Here are some of the popular oven types.

Fan and electric oven

A fan mounted at the back of the oven is surrounded by a circular coil, which in turn ensures that heat is uniformly distributed all around the appliance.

Ovens electric alternately have a variable thermostat, which supplies heat into the appliance. Moreover, electric ovens give you the advantage of making different dishes thanks to the heat gradient that forms within the appliance.

Gas oven

The oven gas makes use of the wet heat produced by a flame at its back.

The moisture from the gas is great for dishes such as cakes and casseroles and is a feature in all cheap gas ovens.
The more expensive variants use different technologies to improve the heat distribution.

Multi-function ovens

By using a combination of diverse heating elements and a fan, these ovens are perfect for cooking dishes that require varying degree of heat.

Double ovens

High capacity and flexibility, a double gas oven could have gas burners on top and two ovens below it, wherein both ovens can be used simultaneously for cooking two different dishes. The build under oven is a variety of the double built in oven gas that offers better space utilisation.
Description of the hob

Similar to the 60 cm gas cooker, standard built in, gas hobs are also 60cm wide and have a total of 4 burners. Bigger models can have a specialist burner, useful for woks or fish kettles. Here are the different hob types

Electric plates

Plates or hobs electric provide the unmatched advantage of distributing heat evenly on to the pan’s surface. Moreover, sealed plates can be used for heating contents in all kinds of flat-based utensils.

Gas hobs

Gas hobs UK are still popular today because they are easy to control, the flame strength is visible and they are cheaper than their electric counterpart.

Ceramic hobs

These hobs feature heating elements stored under a touch glass surface complete with touch controls, heat sensors etc. As a result, cleaning becomes very easy.

The choice of your next oven or hob will also depend on the gas distribution in your locality. Nevertheless, buying a dual fuel cooker cum oven will ensure that you never run out of options.

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