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A review of the Beam Ventral Vacuum System

© Jason Gulledge (Flickr) Living Room – From Window
© Jason Gulledge (Flickr)
Using the Beam Central Vacuum
Using the system

The Beam Central Vacuum System becomes active when you attach the suction hose to one of the inlet points in your home. The Beam tool kit allows you to suction clean virtually every surface, with dirt being sucked straight into the main dirt receptacle.

As well as the floor head, there are attachments for cleaning upholstery and soft furnishings, dusting furniture, walls and ceilings and removing dirt from narrow gaps.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming, all you have to do is put away the suction hose and tools. There is no cylinder or upright cleaner for which to find storage room.
Positive points

Central vacuum systems provide stronger suction than cylinders or uprights. This is valuable when cleaning carpets as it sucks dirt from the base of the pile.

Less noise

The vacuum motor is located with the dirt receptacle. This reduces noise levels created by vacuum cleaning in the home.

Reduction in allergens

Dust and other allergens are sucked straight into the dirt receptacle, which is located outside the main living area of the home. This means they are removed altogether, not simply stored within a portable cylinder of upright cleaner.

Reduction in maintenance costs

Statistically, central vacuum systems require less maintenance than portable cylinders or uprights. This means less money spent on replacement parts.

Long hose

Beam suction hoses are much longer than those supplied with cylinder or upright vacuums. This allows a wide area to be cleaned from one outlet point.
Negative points
Hard to move

You cannot pick up a Beam Central Vacuum System and take it to a new home. If you try to do so, you will leave holes in the walls which your house’s new owners may not appreciate.


It is quite expensive to have a Beam Central Vacuum installed in an existing dwelling. However, if you are having a new home built, this is the perfect time to get the work done, so discuss it with your builder.

Hose length

The length of the hose can prove a nuisance if you want to quickly clean up crumbs on a mat or chair rather than do a thorough vacuum. It’s easiest to purchase a hand held vacuum for small jobs such as this.

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