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Central vacuum cleaners: Strengths and weaknesses

© Tim in Sydney (Flickr) 400 litre hot water system
© Tim in Sydney (Flickr)
What is a central vaccum cleaner
Definition and overview
A central vacuum cleaner is similar to a central air conditioning system in structure. When trying to visualize the central vacuum cleaner, think of a central air-conditioning system.
As the air conditioner has air ducts which facilitate air being blown out, the central vacuum cleaner has ducts, or pipes which draw air in.

You connect a long vacuum hose to a duct outlet to vacuum an area.
You can then easily disconnect and reconnect in another part of the house.
The ducts are connected to the central vacuum which is connected to a central unit that provides the suction force to remove the dirt from the house.
Stronger Suction Force
One of the main reasons why a central vacuum cleaner is so popular is due to the fact that it has more suction power.
Suction power refers to the amount of power that the central vacuum utilises in cleaning the home.
Often termed as the water-lift, the suction force of the central vacuum is much higher than those of its portable cousins.
For instance, some of the popular central vacuum designs such as the Hoover vacuum system have been known to have a water-lift capacity of up to 125 inches.

Economical Cost
One of the reasons why a number of people enjoy having a central vacuum within their premises is because of the fact that its cost is just as economical as the portable alternative.
While in the past, the cost was rather high, the demand for the central vacuum system has driven prices down.
For instance, for a 4000 square foot home, you may pay $600 for the vacuum system, which is quite a bargain.
High Repair Costs
Unlike its portable alternative, the central vacuum system cannot easily be repaired. This is due to the complexity of parts involved in its construction.
Moreover, if a problem does occur within the central vacuum system, it takes quite a long time before one can repair the problem.

High Installation Costs
While the initial purchase cost for the central vacuum may be considerably lower than before, the cost of installing the vacuum within one’s home can still be expensive.
This is because the whole process requires specialized labour to ensure that the system works without any problems.

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